About RCB

At Royal Cat Boutique we specialize in handcrafting exceptionally solid, durable luxury cat, dog and human furniture. From our smallest sisal covered scratching pads to our largest Kitty Kastles or Deluxe Bone Beds, every piece is designed, engineered and constructed to be the best choice for quality, durability and value.

A common issue regarding most cat trees on the market is stability. The base is poorly weighted as well as thickness and length of posts. When a cat jumps off the top, you do not want to experience a slow motion effect of the tree itself collapsing on its side, destroying everything in its path or injuring your feline friends. Most products on the market are primarily designed with the designer in mind. They use stencil created designs and machine cut parts, all of which are manufactured overseas, which cost significantly less than by hand. The amount of work to put these together is comparable to an Ikea book stand. What adds insult to injury is they charge insanely out of range prices for their flimsy products.

Our Products are different from others on the market in that they are designed with both the cat and the owner in mind. We have incorporated features that cats enjoy, high perches, cozy tunnels, and sisal scratchers to name a few, into designs that are pleasing to the eye. In doing so, cat owners can bring stylish cat furniture into their living rooms or kitchen area rather than hiding those eyesores currently on the market. Royal Cat Boutique designs were chosen after carefully surveying cat owners nationwide. In short, the difference between our cat furniture and other companies’ designs is that Royal Cat Boutique is committed to giving you quality pieces you will want to show off and furniture your cat will love.